Invisible City Series 《城市》City, 2018, mixed media, 150x120cm
Half asleep I saw four cities above my bed. Each one represented a relationship, their appearances changing with each movement of my body. The city right in front of me was an old town that kept collapsing.

Invisible City Series 《安东尼奥》Antonio, 2018, oil painting, 150x120cm
I saw a female sculpture in a long dark hall, she arched downward as if she were diving with a searchlight in hand. A man followed me every night. I couldn’t see his face but was told his name is Antonio. He was kind of embodied resentment from the deep within the Mediterranean. Sometimes he appears like a peaceful seaside town and sometimes a rageful horse.

Invisible City Series 《被解救的配角》The Rescued Supporting Actor, 2018, oil painting, 150x120cm
My sister told me about a horrible movie we were forced to act in. I ran down the hill, wanting to escape before the shooting. But I met an old friend who told a sad story about what had happened to her on a boat. I realized that tragedies were already been staged in our lives, and after that a chain of events happened.

Invisible City Series 《自由的晕眩》Diziness of Freedom, 2019, oil painting, 150x120cm

Invisible City Series 《礼物》Gift, 2019, mixed media, 150x120cm