黄方 Hvang Fang born on May 1992 in Jiujiang, China. After travelling to Italy in 2015 she was inspired to begin painting and one day return to live and work in Rome.

For 10 years, she has been plagued by all sorts of quirky nightmares. Influenced by Federico Fellini’s Dream Book, in which the Italian director recorded and illustrated his many strange dreams, she too gave her dreams a stage, viewing them from the audience. The numerous events and emotions that emerge in a prolonged dream are a mirrored world, making real life seem pale and illusory. Sometimes, it’s like an unlived past or an unfufilled future, revealing our ignorance to our present selves.

Her artworks are an intersection of dreamt and real worlds, the former is clear and intense while the latter is chaotic and fragile.

Painting is a way for her to preserve memories, show the nuances of time, see the unity of emotions with perspectives and the traces of changes between states.